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How to Play Ocean King 2

How To Play Ocean King 2: Tips To Win

If you love playing fish games, Ocean King 2 should be a familiar name. Ocean King 2 is among the most interesting fish games out there that also have high chances of winning if you master the rules. However, your chances of winning highly depend on your knowledge of this game and how fast you make decisions. But before I take you through how to play the game and the tips of winning, let me first explain the game itself. ­­

What is Ocean King 2 Fishing Game?

Ocean King 2 is a fish game that involves different species of fish and the objective of the player is to kill the fish with a gun and earn points. The gun used to kill the fish has three settings that you can vary depending on your objective and what you want to accomplish. These settings include; normal, accelerated, and aiming to the target.  

In this particular game, the fish species include the following; Flying Fish, Spearfish, Lantern Fish, Shark, Whale King, Killer Whale, Blazing Dragon, Fugu, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Lionfish, Flying fish, ancient Crocodile, Octopus, Emperor Crab, and the Darkness Monster. Each of these species has a different number of points that you earn when you kill them.

The most difficult species to kill are the Ancient Crocodile, Almighty Octopus, Emperor Crab, and the Darkness Monster. But remember the more the difficulty of killing a certain type of fish, the more the points you will get when you kill it. So, whenever those big guys come on your screen, just know you have the opportunity to get lots of points but you should as well be more focused because they are not easy to kill.

Ocean King Drill Crab

You can play this game as a single person or as multiple players depending on what you are comfortable with. While playing with other players, the aim is to earn more points than them within the given time frame. And these points are earned by killing more and the most valuable fish in the Ocean. So, the player that gets the most points will be the winner of the game.

Just like any other game, this game requires you to think fast, have the skills, and be well coordinated. You won’t win the game by just shooting. You need to have a strategy at the back of your mind and also take decisions fast enough in order to avoid being caught up by time since this game is played within a given time frame.

Here Is How You Play Ocean King 2

Step #1: Start The Game

To start this game, you need to log in to any online casinos such as 918Kiss, Mega888, or SCR888. After logging in, you can choose Ocean King 2, and it will automatically load the game for you to get started.

Step #2: Choose A Weapon Of Your Choice

Ocean King Emperor Crab

As we have seen above, the weapon is what you use to kill the fish. In Ocean King, 2 players have a choice of choosing the new cumulative supergun and any of the remaining two weapon options. But remember, each of these weapons has a different net size and the level of power it uses while shooting.

But the good thing with Ocean King 2 is you can change your weapon within the game based on your strategy and how you want to play. To change the weapon you are using within the game, you simply have to press the weapon change button. You will notice that shooting the most difficult fish may require a more powerful weapon than killing the small ones.

Step #3: Aim At The Fish You Want To Kill

At this point, after you have chosen the weapon to use, the next step is aiming at the target fish. Aiming is done using a joystick that gives direction to your gun to point exactly at the fish you intend to shoot. Like we have seen above, there are about 16 species of fish with a different value. So, you should at the back of the mind by knowing the values of the different fish you are aiming at if you are to win big.

Step #4: Time To Shoot

When you are comfortable that the fish you have aimed at is what will earn you points, you can then go ahead and shoot. Shooting is done by simply pressing the shoot button. Aiming and shooting should be done within a short time period because the fish is always moving in the Ocean. So, if you cannot do the aiming and the shooting so fast, you may end shooting empty spaces that will earn you fewer points at the end of the day.

Step #5: End The Game

When the game is done, you just have to quit the game and then get your earnings. The earnings depend on the points you earned while playing.

The Mini Games in Ocean King 2

Within the main game, there are mini-games that are also important as far as collecting points is concerned. These mini-games pop within the game and you are supposed to utilize them to earn some extra points. These mini-games include the following;

The Bomb Crab

Ocean King Super Bomb

If the player captures a bomb crab, it will explode just like a bomb. So, the player earns points based on the level of destruction the bomb causes on the fish in the Ocean.

Chain Thunder

Ocean King Lightning Chain

Chain thunder has about 9 fish species that it affects and these include; Lionfish, Flounder, Lobster, Spearfish, Octopus, Snapper, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, and Fugu. So, you can capture up to nine fish species using chain thunder and the points you will get largely depends on the number and the species of fish you get.


Ocean King Vortex Fish

All the fish species apart from Devilfish, Shark, Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, and Bomb Crabs have the Vortex feature. So, if a player selects the Vortex feature, the fish that’s having the Vortex feature captures the rest of the fish in the Ocean which earns the player some extra points.

Tips To Win More Cash While Playing Ocean King 2

Here are some of the tips you can use to win games while playing Ocean King 2.

Tip #1: Master The Rules Before You Start Playing For Cash

This game has a couple of rules and features that you need to clearly understand before you start placing bets. That’s why it is a better idea to start by playing the demo games that don’t involve placing bets. With these, you can develop your skill and also learn about the rules of the game. After trying out a couple of times, you can start building your winning strategy and then place bets.

Tip #2: Don’t Aim Only For The Big Fish

We all know the big fish are the sources of points but don’t ignore the small fish. There some players who will shoot actively only when they see the big fish and at times they stop shooting when they see the smaller ones. Remember this is a game of points and killing the small fish earns you points too. They are also easier to kill than the big ones. So, make sure you strike a good balance between shooting the small fish and the big ones.

Tip #3: Use Your Bullets

What I mean here is if the fish is not dying, try to shoot it with as many bullets as possible till it dies. Some people think shooting with too many bullets is wastage of bullets forgetting that you only earn points when you kill the fish. So, if you shoot with fewer bullets and you don’t kill, then it is as good as not shooting at all. It is better to use more bullets and complete missions than to use a few of them and leave the mission incomplete.

Tips #4: Higher Bets Come With A Higher Advantage

In Ocean King 2, the amount of money you bet affects your probability of collecting more points. For instance, if you bet more than 50 cents, the chances of getting more points with 2 to 3 shots are way higher than when you place lower bets.

Tip #5: Know When To Stop

Ocean King 2 is addictive as any other gambling game. So, it is important to know when to stop. Have a maximum limit of cash that you can bet within a day. Whenever you hit that limit without winning, just leave and try your luck the next day. Don’t insist on trying again because you may end betting money you can’t afford to lose which is risky for your mental health.

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