The online gambling industry is now worth over $50 billion and this value is expected to go to up to $94B by 2024. The growth of this industry is mainly due to the convenience it gives gamblers. One doesn’t have to move out of his house to gamble. All you need is to have some money on your credit card and a computer or smartphone. One of the dominating players in this industry is online Casinos. These are just like on land casinos with the same rules, but the only difference is the games of online/virtual casinos are played virtually on a computer.

Another thing to be noted about online casinos is that their rewards are slightly higher than on land casinos.  This could be because of their low operation compared to on-land casinos.

Online casino game developers like spade gaming have been so influential in this industry by creating user-friendly casino games that are easy to play. One of them is the Super 8-way Ultimate slot. This slot game will not only give you a chance to win big but will also give you a great user experience and entertainment thanks to its well-built interface and the well-organized sounds it produces.

If you’re looking for some big jackpots and spins you can enjoy, this is the online casino game that you need to check out. In this review, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about the Ultimate 8-way slot online casino.

About Spade Gaming: The Game Developer

Spade Gaming is among the best game developers at the moment in Asia.  Despite getting competition from other big players like Asia gaming, Amatic, August gaming, and many more, spade gaming has still managed to stay grounded.  Why most people love spade gaming casino games is because of the way they integrate Asian culture into their games.

This company was started back in 2007 and has several offices around Asia with its head offices located in the Philippines. The rest of the offices are located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and Indonesia. Malta Gaming Authority also licensed spade gaming, and this has given them a significant boost. They are now starting to expand to the rest of the world, starting with Europe.

All games released by spade gaming are also tested by iLabs, which is one of the well-known players when it comes to auditing online gambling games. Some consider iLabs as the most reputable independent RNG and RTP auditors. Developing games that keep people coming back to your platform can not be possible if you don’t have talented software developers and game designers.

With a combination of programming languages like Java, Python, C++, HTML 5, and many more, Spade gaming engineers have been able to put together some of the best online video slot games that people enjoy. 

Spade gaming is also well known for their 24/7 support that they give to all their customers, which is an essential aspect in online gaming because, at times, something abnormal may happen in the process of playing, and their assistance may urgently be needed. Their games also come in multiple languages and currencies. It is for this reason that many people play their games across Asia.

Another vital thing to note is that spade gaming games are available on a wide range of devices and operating systems. You can play these games from your iOS or Android smartphone as well as your PC using their web bases gaming platform.

Why Spade Gaming Has Been Successful

Since Spade gaming got into the business of developing casino games, they have achieved massive success. The company now has 100 clients around the world. Now having acquired the of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, the company is expected to get into business with clients in the European countries.

Their success is mainly attributed to the way they have been able to integrate culture into their games (primarily the Asian Culture). Spade gaming has also been tested by iLabs, an Australian based company that audits online casino games. This has given them a lot of credibilities that have led to the trust that clients have in them.

The company also has between 100 to 200 employees that are majorly in Asian countries. They have been able to put together the best talent, mainly in the design and software development sections. It is one of the reasons why their games have a clean interface that is easy to get started with even for beginners.

The ease of access to their games has also made it possible for the games to be played by so many people around the world. Spade gaming games can be played both on your Pc and mobile phones, which makes it easier to play their games on the go. The games are available for both android and iOS devices. Some of their best games include Heroes, Super 8 way ultimate, dancing fever, magical lamp, etc. Our focus in today’s article will be on the super 8-way ultimate.

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About Super 8 Way Ultimate Slot Online Casino Game

This online casino game is a product of spade gaming, an Asian based company that has been so innovative and creative over the years in the way they build their games. They are mainly found in Asia at the moment, but they are also starting to have a presence in some European countries

This online casino game is a video slot kind of game. So, if you love video slot games, you will surely enjoy playing the Super 8-way ultimate slot. The minimum bet is 0.05, and the maximum is 20, which is a wide range of values for placing your bet.

The theme and graphics of this online casino game are pretty simple. The background is black without any form of animations and motion graphics. Simplicity was what spade gaming was looking at while developing the graphics of this game. This makes it easier to figure out what to do even by new online casino gamblers. However, this kind of graphics may not be appealing to most of the experienced online gamblers as some of them would surely prefer something a little sophisticated. 

The sound effects in this game are pretty standard. So, they won’t be distracting you from paying attention to the most critical aspects of the game. The sounds are composed of bells, jingles, and spins that correspond with precisely what is taking place with the game.

Super 8 Way Ultimate slot has three reels and eight pay lines. The eight pay lines are as follows; three horizontal lines, three vertical lines, and two diagonals to make eight hence the name 8-way ultimate. So there eight ways you can win in this game. The jackpot in this game goes up to 100,000. So, if you’re lucky, you have a chance of winning up to that amount of cash.

This game is available as a web application for desktop users, and a mobile app is also available for Android. I’m guessing spade gaming is in the process developing or at least having plans of having this game available for iOS users.

How To Play Super 8 Way Ultimate Slot

Getting started playing this game is pretty simple. The first thing to have at the back of your mind is the condition for winning. To win in this game, you have to get three similar symbols on one line of the eight winning lines. But how do you do this;

You start with setting the bet by choosing a coin-size with an option of choosing between 0.05 to 20.0. After selecting the coin of your choice, you then spin the reel. If you land three symbols of the same of a kind in one line, it’s a win! And you’ll be lined up for a good price which is shown in the paytable on the left-hand side of the reels. After winning, Super 8-way ultimately gives you the option of multiplying your win amount by two with the double up option.

The prizes in this game after you’ve lined up three bars of the same kind in a row go up to 100,000, which is the jackpot of the game. This game’s interface has a paytable on the left that shows every possible combination for a win. So, whenever you’re playing, you must have a close look at this table. This will show you the exact reward you will win with what combination.

Winning Big On Ultimate Slot

As a gambler, you always want to take your chances as much as you can. In super eight-way, ultimate this chance comes with the double up options. When you win and choose to double up, you will stand a chance of winning twice the amount of what you initially won. But if you are the kind who’s afraid (which is not the spirit of gamblers), you may choose to go away with only what you initially won. It’s also fine. 

However, there’s also an option of half double that I suppose many people would go for. This option will require you to bet half of your winnings and double them. For instance, if you won, say 5,000, you can choose to bet 2,500.

If you’re lucky, the 2,500 will be doubled up to 5000, and when you add it to the 2,500 that you had spared, your total win will be 7,500.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll still go home with 2,500. The half double option is what I would highly recommend if you are the kind who wants to play it safe.

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Five Tips and Tricks To Enjoying Playing Super 8 Way Ultimate Slot

  • Make good use of the half double option. When you win, give this option a try because it will either make you win big or at least go back home with something
  • Stake money that you can afford to lose. This is rule number one in gambling
  • Don’t be tempted to go for the jackpot. It’s tough to hit, and you’ll lose a lot of money
  • Start by playing for fun and only start staking cash after you have mastered the art of winning this game
  • Carefully look at the paytable more often

Pros and Cons of Playing Super 8 Way Ultimate Slot

Like any other online casino game, Super 8-way ultimate has both the positive and negative side of the equation


  • It has an easy to use interface that is friendly for both experienced and beginning gamblers
  • It has great graphics
  • It supports multiple currencies
  • It supports a wide range of devices that is; personal computers, Android and iOS devices
  • It is easy to even play on the go due to its support for mobile devices
  • It gives the option of playing for fun before you start staking your money
  • It has a relatively big jackpot of 100,000
  • It’s available in multiple languages. This makes it easy to play for people in various countries around the world
  • It has 24/7 support by spade gaming staff


  • The UI may be boring for experienced gamblers
  • It doesn’t give you the same feeling of being in a physical casino


Super 8-way ultimate slot is a casino slot game that I would highly recommend to anyone to try out. It has a couple of great features and an easy to use interface that will enable you to play without having to figure out where this or that is located on the interface. The expansion of spade gaming in recent years means this game will be accessible by more people around the world than it is today.

People in Europe should soon be able to play this game thanks to the Malta License that Spade gaming has just acquired. If you are starting online gambling, I would recommend you begin with the option of playing for fun, and you should only start staking money after you have mastered the art of winning in this game. Super 8-way ultimate has an overall rating that is almost at four stars, which shows lots of people love this game.

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