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Fishing God Online Review

Fishing God is one of the fishing games with real money exchanging and attractive gifts.  With many outstanding events taking place daily, players will be assigned daily tasks, which is to reduce the specific number of fish.

It is accompanied by a series of interesting features that are constantly updated in this game.

Introducing Spade Gaming –  the Supplier of Fishing God 

SpadeGaming is one of the leading software development companies in the Asia market in the field of real money trading games, including Fishing game God which is the most interesting today.

After being legally licensed by Malta, the publisher develops its game products in many other markets.

Spade Gaming’s team are all talented engineers who only focus on producing the best online gambling products, including fishing games in the market to serve players.

The products from this manufacturer were launched in many different languages to support players. Fishing God has an English version for us to enjoy the experience.

Click the link below to read our reviews on SpadeGaming:

Review Fishing God

Fishing God was developed from the supermarket fishing game with more than 41 golden dragon bosses in total and many types of VIP fish.

The game is built with vivid 3D images. You shoot fish to gain gold with many events every day. Players will undertake daily tasks, hunting as many fish as to receive more rewards everyday.

According to the time mark, the player will be rewarded coins.  Please log in to your account at a certain time to receive coins. Exchanging prizes are fast. It takes less than 3 seconds since you hit the fish to receive the rewards to your account.

The rules are as simple as other fishing games. In this colourful ocean, players can show off their best skills in combination with many different types of +/- tank guns to shoot down the most stubborn fish. We can adjust the level of bullets from 1-100. New features of this game are also updated regularly.

The community of players has also increased rapidly with a large number of gamers, from which players can make friends, get acquainted and exchange experiences for each other to hunt more fish. The supplier provides Fishing God with many different versions and multiple platforms for Computer, Mobile, Tablet.

The origin of the publisher is China where there is the cradle of many games that is too numerous to count. To be able to participate in the Fishing God game, players can download the game to the computer, create an account and then play.

The Graphics of Fishing God – ☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

The game’s graphical interface is built with vivid 3D images, combining with the sound of the sea waves whistling, which all create a fanciful vivid picture under the vast blue ocean.

Beauty, meticulousness is what we see in the graphics of this game. The presence of the audio system brings even better experiences to the players.

Familiar sounds under the ocean like the sound of waves crashing, creatures swimming, sounds generated when players hit or miss. All aim to make the game more dramatic also more attractive.

The Features of Fishing God – ☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

  • The beautifully designed interface is full of sharp standard images. The game is smooth without lag, which helps you enjoy the access.
  • You can play freely without having to worry about running out of coins, just apply to our promotions to get coins.
  • There are many different types of fish for you to choose with super high-quality bullets and guns.
  • The higher rank you have in the race, the more attractive gifts you receive
  • Privacy of personal information – Safety – Transparency
  • Many events take place regularly
  • Redeem reward fast, very attractive exchange rate
  • The system of fish agents is present nationwide
  • Customer service support to answer any questions 24/7

The Modes of Fishing Game – ☆☆☆ (4/5)

The game mode here has 3 easy – normal – hard modes. Based on your ability, you can choose a suitable game mode. You can invite your friends to accompany you in the hunt at the sea bottom to improve efficiency.

The minimum bet to play Fishing God is MYR 0.01.

  • Amateur playroom (Easy): The number of bullets is equivalent to the amount of 0.01 to 1 coins, which is suitable for new players
  • Professional playroom (Normal): You need to spend 0.1 to 5 coins to join this game room, the players here are often those who have had experience  shooting fish for years
  • The Gunner playroom (Hard): Where the elite gunners gather. It is for those who want to invest to make real money, which costs between 1 and 10 coins!

The Basic Guide for Fishing God 

A few basic things you need to understand when playing this online fishing game:

Your Balance: The amount of money or coins you have in your account, each time you shoot a bullet, your balance will deduct coins equivalent to the type of bullet you choose.

For example: If you choose a gun with a destructive power of 60, then each shot your account will be deducted 60 cents, as well as if you shoot down the Boss that is worth 500, you will receive 500 coins ==> Your profit now is: 500 – 60 = 440 cents.

Auto: This mode helps you automatically fire bullets so you don’t need to click, just navigate the barrel of the gun

* Note: Using auto-firing is not recommended by BK8 because it is difficult to calculate the score.

Aim: This function assists the player is aiming to a certain fish. Accordingly, the player can lock the target until it is defeated or the fish swims away from the screen.

* Comment: This is a pretty good function, depending on the strategy which you can effectively take advantage of to maximize your profits.

Promotion for Fishing God – ☆☆☆ (4/5)

Participating in TOP racing events, players will receive a number of rewards depending on their position on the rankings.

Depending on your ability to complete tasks assigned, you will receive corresponding attractive gifts. Accordingly, you can “accumulate points” to your game account to continue the fishing game.

  • Welcome bonus promotion for you 100%: With the amount up to MYR 1,080
  • Refer friends: Both easily receive MYR 25
  • No more boring weeks! Play now and get up to MYR 1,288 bonus bet credits!
  • 1% cash rebate bonus: Customers play with no minimum deposit and no maximum withdrawal!

So which promotion should you choose? BK8 Team would like to recommend the following:

  • Choose reward program (1): If you are a new player to the game
  • Choose reward program (2): You can apply for any case
  • Choose reward program (3): Applies to senior players
  • Choose reward program (4): For the elite gunner

Last Update: 9 July 2020

Gaming Platform

Players can choose one of the following options to be able to play the fishing games, including PC / Laptop, Mobile, Tablet

  • For computer version: Players can experience on most popular browsers today such as Firefox, Chrome, Coccoc, Safari, Opera …
  • For Mobile: People can experience the mobile version or download the app for both Android / IOS

With support on Mobile, everyone can easily access and manipulate the fishing game conveniently!

Customer Service – ☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Customer service of Fishing God is good, 24/7, being available to support and answer all questions from the players such as the status of deposit or withdrawing.

All information of customers when registering will be highly secure. So players can freely enjoy the experience without fear that their personal account and information are leaked or stolen.

Personal Opinion about the Fishing God

You should join this fascinating fishing game for many reasons:

  • You are free to be entertained with laptops, mobile phones or any electronic devices that just require internet connection.
  • Simple operation, easy to play and shoot down the fish. You get immediately rewarded.
  • Log in daily to get free coins.
  • Entertaining and rewarding entertainment games, shown in the TOP race and rankings.
Pros / Cons
  • 3D High Definition Gameplay Designs
  • Lots of Promotions Available
  • Lots of Special Features to Explore
  • Limited Choices of Weapon

Overall Review and Assessment of Fishing God

Fishing God has similar rules to the fishing games in the machines at the supermarket. But it has been updated with many more useful features to serve players.

With just 1 click, you can download the game to install on your device to experience.

If you like to experience relaxing games and make money through games, Fishing God is a suitable game to choose from.

But if I do not want to restrict my choices, what should I do?

No need to worry, because at the BK8 dealer we offer up to 5 different fishing games: Fishing God is one of the games you can choose.

Players can see more details on the reviews of our 4 remaining games at The fishing game review section.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing God

1. Is Fishing God cheating or not?

The answer is absolutely not. This is a highly transparent game for players. Everything is controlled by anti-hacking machines to ensure the common interests of the community of players.

2. Does the fishing game allow you to exchange for real money or not?

The answer is yes. When players earn the specified number of coins, they can exchange prizes for cash, scratch cards or any other high-value gifts.

3. Which type of fish returning the most benefit to hunt?

Hunting Boss goldfish, players will earn the most coins. But hunting requires a lot of bullets and experience.

4. How many modes are there in Fishing God?

There are 3 different modes in total, which is from easy level to a difficult level. Players can choose for themselves an appropriate level of experience.

5. Can I try it out?

You can try out with the trial to experience before you decide to participate.

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