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Gold Deluxe Online Casino Review

Gold Deluxe or Golden Deluxe or GD Online Casino is a renowned face in Asian gambling, who has been among the talking points of success since 2011. The software provider is a specialist in developing top online casino platforms, mainly for Baccarat games.

It focuses primarily across the Philippines (the home country) and has over 100 employees under its banner. The provider deploys cutting edge and feature-studded games, which are well received by some of the famous gambling sites and players likewise across Asia.

Re-Mapping Asian Live Casino Industry

Boasting to the site’s reputation today, PAGCOR, the authoritative body responsible for licensing all the gambling sites across the Philippines, has approved and trusted Gold Deluxe Casino. Moreover, the developer has a relatively more extensive list of approvals and recognitions, making them a leader in the Asian class market.

Unlike many of the modern developers focusing primarily on the European and Western gaming market, Golden Deluxe Casino is in the league of its own and focuses on the Asian market. It helps developers from countries like the Philippines, Macau, Indonesia, and Hong Kong to feel more comfortable with the interface focusing on local live dealers and user interface.

With attractive Asian hosts acting as a live banker, all the live games, right from Roulette to Sic Bo, gives out a touch of Asian culture in gambling. With so much to talk and contemplate, Gold Deluxe has revamped the face of live gaming in and around the Eastern World.

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Last Update: 18 June 2020

Range of Games Offered – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Gold Deluxe Casino specializes in providing online live dealer games as its main product. With Baccarat leading the list of choices, the developer has taken the standards of gambling to a whole new height.

The site today offers multi-player products that arrive with HTML5 design. This ensures the products to reach global clients, and there is no need for download or installation for any of these games.

With the site approving customizable solutions for each of the games according to the requests from a casino, there is no dearth of varieties.

Gold Deluxe live dealer offers its clients with gaming report tools, enabling them to keep a count on the statistical data required from time to time. Thus, here are some of the products served by the developer, which is sure to impress all the gamblers.

Traditional Baccarat:

This game boasts a friendly gambling interface, ensuring everyone has their say and excellent gambling experience alongside. The product comes with multiple bet types, including Banker, Player, Tie, Big, Small, Banker Pair, and Player Pair, among the regular types.

Apart from this, the additional ones include the likes of Super 6, Perfect Pair, Non-Commission player, and Either pair available for the taking. In terms of interface, the player bet pool and roadmap display are visible.

With a comprehensive detailing into the players’ portfolios and records, the game helps regular gamblers and casinos as well.

BidMe Baccarat:

Holding the reputation of Baccarat, comes the BidMe version, offering more fun and new gambling over the traditional baccarat game. Players can indulge in ultimate fun, take a seat, and bet sideways. They can chat with the anchors and indulge in a fun session of dealing with real-time banker options.

More so, BidMe Baccarat offers the feature of additional time requests, enabling the players to buy some additional time and eventually win more. The feature of tipping is available, but it is, of course, optional. Besides, the on-screen tools enable players to trade and check the features as well.

Roulette/ Sic Bo:

Much like Baccarat, Golden Deluxe Casino has shown immense proficiency with the Dynamic Roulette game. This back up with a regular roulette table and the dealer spin the wheel on the other side of the screen. Alongside this, dynamic roulette offers the board view and coins available to chip in.

Moreover, the odd and even portions of the table like the colour segment offer a better gambling experience. Talking about Sic Bo, it contains the dice combination table on one side and the Small Big bet types of over 50 combinations. Based on this, overall gambling is more comfortable.

Games’ Outlook for the Players – ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Gold Deluxe Casino has worked its way in developing games based on the traditional live table interface. This is nothing new, considering the developers are seasoned campaigners in producing Baccarat variants. The games are segmented in such a way where anyone can fancy their chances.

Players trying any of their products will likely find the settings to suit their needs and convenience on Gold Deluxe. Games like BidMe Baccarat and Sic Bo for the matter come up with avenues to explore with a good winning chance.

Traditional Baccarat

For the Traditional Baccarat game, the developer offers a large market for betting, where it suits everyone, considering multiple and additional bet types. For the casinos, this means more money, where the gamblers can fancy more in venues and markets.

The players, in turn, feel gambling more interesting, and different levels of challenges are the takeaway. There might be a question of experience factors, considering how occasions might segment out the betting range. However, these are not a matter of concern when the competitive structure of a table is concerned.

BidMe Baccarat

BidMe Baccarat game, on the other hand, has different perspectives, and the structure suits experienced ones over the regular operators. This, however, comes with an affirmative gambling experience, considering the gamble is between a player and a banker.

The additional features of convenience help to determine the win/ loss/ tie levels. Streamed live from the Philippines, the game delivers with a handful number of side bets as well.

Sic Bo Live

Sic Bo live game offers a combination bet of rolling the dice and stands a chance of winning with over 50 betting outcomes. Much like the games aforesaid, Gold Deluxe Casino has worked vehemently with the dealer and player statistics part, which requires a word of appreciation.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette game is the last of the segment, working with the European table upfront. Interface wise, it is easy to use and backs with proper navigation points for newcomers. Considering the standard betting wheel, Gold Deluxe Casino has ensured offering two more modes, right from 32-47-71 and 29-59-89-119 types.

Overall, all the games by this provider pack a punch when it comes to ease of navigation and usability. However, the streaming quality may look a little slower in comparison to other industry-based developers today. There might be a minor bit of pixilation in all.

If you consider additional features backing each of these games, it should not be a matter of concern. In all, there is no quality drop with the graphics thanks to Gold Deluxe HTML5 doing the support framework. In the end, there are plenty of takeaways while playing games developed by this provider company.

Winning Strategies to Materialize

Gold Deluxe offers 4 games currently, and each of these has strategies of its own. Aside from the generic design offered by the developer, different casinos have different obligations on portions they require included in the site. Some sites may require the betting range on a higher side, while some may not.

Irrespective of the rules, there are general tips applicable to each of the games served. These individual strategies help both high rollers and low budget gamblers to make the most of the experience. 

For Baccarat

Baccarat is among the most prolific casino games to have ever existed. It draws some of the highest rewards imaginable, and many of the top casinos like Gold Deluxe offer it on VIP platforms as well. The simplest game strategy in a single sentence would be to make a score of nine against the dealer and win. While playing the game, gamblers require making sure of the card points offered.

On a regular case, Ace scores one point, 2-9 scores as values counted on the face, and 10 to King gives no score. Players can expect either of the 3 possible outcomes. This includes Player Win, a Banker win, and a Tie. Considering the challenge, a regular live baccarat game has a higher RTP.

While in the case of all side bets, the RTP of Banker Pair is the lowest to the Banker Bonus as the highest.

For Roulette Games

Roulette Game is a high-profile table game having a large number of followers along with the globe for its impulsive outcomes? Like the regular table roulette game, the live roulette variant comes with a handful of strategies, and the outcomes are worthwhile on applying the correct strategy.

Usually, the European style table of Roulette offers a reasonable house edge of about 2-3%. This opens up a challenging table and invites many productive hands. In most of the casinos, roulette is only available for real money, and it explains a lot over the house edge levels.

For Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game having few outcomes that depend on the odds and bet hands. The progress of varied bet combinations gives out different odds. Players can take their pick and consider the payout accordingly.

On a comparative scale, Sic Bo comes with a relatively higher RTP margin of close to 97%. Thus, the house edge is at par with the regular live roulette table. In the end, the players can deal with real money with the rewards suiting these players.

Gold Deluxe Casino has ensured keeping the bet type simple and restricted to 50 to provide a better competitive edge. In the end, with live dealers galore from the Philippines, the players can wager for good.

System Integration – ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

For a first-timer, the Gold Deluxe live casino interface is all but surprises. No wonder the site, with its simplistic yet offer-studded interface, can lure the visitors with a classy touch a nice gambling experience. As you enter the main lobby of the website, the games are available with limited levels along with history.

Language Assistance:

Users can choose languages according to their convenience on the Gold Deluxe casino. Since the business focus is set on Asia, only two languages, namely English and Chinese, are available on the main home page.

These are English and Chinese. However, when you operate games further, additional languages such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Korean are available for taking.

Multi-level Security Assistance:

One-Way authentication is available for security. For some other sites, 3 ways authentication is added for an enhanced security approach.

Advanced Wallets:

Advanced wallets are available to help in a smooth transaction of funds. It is a tested wallet serving without any discrepancies. It ensures better communication between the client-side and the player’s side.

API Functionality:

All the 4 games developed by the site have integrated with advanced API data sync function, which works in transferring real-time casino data. It helps in smooth online and lags-free gambling. 

Mobile Compatible:

Regarding mobile phone compatibility, the gamblers can truly rely on the website, considering the HTML5 backing, which makes gambling swift and easy.

The game requires no download of any plugin or software and works fast from the mobile browser. Thanks to the convenient graphics, there is no tension of common issues like pixilation or slow loading of the Gold Deluxe page.

During the game, the banker or a host welcomes gamblers with full commitment. The players can rely on these agents and expect to deliver with full fairness.

All the games are completely optimized to operate in cross mobile O/S platforms today. The betting grid is available at the lower end of the screen and lives stream function from the top.

Other features like the burger menu in the top-left hand corner flashes up with game settings, betting limit information, rules, quality options, and language settings. For some products such as Roulette, switching off the screen between standard and the special ones are available for the taking.

Security Aspects – ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Security is a crucial subject for a modern-day casino developer, much like any gambling site. People are taking security aspects more seriously than the offerings from a game developer. Likewise, thanks to its reputation today, Gold Deluxe is perhaps the only Asian-backed live casino provider, supplying roulette games.

Therefore, the expectations are paramount from a casino to a player. Without any hiccups, Gold Deluxe Casino has grown into a competitive iGaming provider, with PAGCOR assuring the security and legitimacy portions. 

Gaining a considerable foot in the live casino segment to the date is a mountainous task of its own. Therefore, not just one but with different licensing and security assurance, the developer has found their stance.

The company’s initial license from the Philippines via First Cagayan backs PAGCOR licensing. To make things more productive, each of the games designed by the site is tested via regulated and responsible 3rd party testing houses. 

These 3rd party testing house uses techniques such as RNG to determine the game works with all due fairness for both a casino and the players involved. After all, live gambling is a game of unpredictable fun, and there is nothing exceptional. Moreover, the laws and regulations are strictly followed by the developers, ensuring all-round fairness.

Customer Support – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Gold Deluxe, for its part, has dealt with supreme customer support interface, allowing partners and players to deal for good. The helpdesk is available round the clock for all services offered by the site. Gold Deluxe Casino Helpdesk is an exclusive platform having a focused team of executives catering to all issues with a game with utmost dedication. 

These executives can be reached via email. Email is the most preferred way to communicate if the issue is serious and time-consuming. Moreover, an exclusive email connect helps the online sales team of a B2B company to contact immediately over a game.

This portal deals with sales of games and entertain casino websites. Overall, businesses can make merry out of the customer care services and have their bases covered.

Final Thoughts

Gold Deluxe is a prime example of how the Asian Live gambling industry is finding its feet in the industry, filled with 100’s of challenges around the globe. The provider enjoys fair progress overall with the people finding live gambling more interactive and challenging than machine-run games. Backing the progress layout by Live gambling, Gold Deluxe Casino has taken up several high-profile games under their banner. Talking about the dealers, most of them are Asian hosts. It is an innovative way to engage and enhance the bonhomie feel.

Gold Deluxe Casino offers casinos with multiple tools and options to host at ease and deliver a decent streaming quality. Although this might not be in the leagues of other Western software developers, this provider company has a league of its own. 

Gold Deluxe site offers a subtle customer care service, meaning to deliver the objectives and resolve players’ queries right on time. Gold Deluxe has a great prospect if they start picking up more pace and design more games in the future.


Q1. What are some of the popular casinos that host games from Gold Deluxe?

Some of the popular gambling sites hosting games from Gold Deluxe include Live Casino House, Dafabet, JosBet, 97Cash, and Fun88.

Q2. Does the developer ensure VR Compatibility?

No. Gold Deluxe casino does not design games, suited for VR gambling practice.

Q3. Do the site design slot machine and blackjack game variants?

No. Gold Deluxe casino only develops live table games as of now and has no record of the slot machine products. Similarly, there is no blackjack game available currently.

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