SpadeGaming is a little different than other games. It’s basically an Asian-based slot gaming where you place bets to make money. Gone are the days when betting was originally hosted in betting centres, where people would visit to submit their bet. However, today there are trusted betting portals all over the internet for outdoor gaming. We have played hundreds of betting games over many years, and the major ones have not worked properly. And on top of it, they have actually cost us a lot of money.

However, on the bright side, we found a few of them to be fruitful as well. We passed them extensively because they proved to be nothing but advantageous in passing the systems.


SpadeGaming is an Asian-based company that is defined by unparalleled technology, boundless creativity, and innovative spirit. The main theme of SpadeGaming is all about Asian culture. All of the games are available on android and desktop platforms, and it gives you the gaming experience as you may never have before.

After conquering the Asian sub-continent with its games, SpadeGaming upon acquiring MALTA GAMING AUTHORITY (MGA) license is really looking forward to extending its variety of games and services to Europe. Without further ado, lets read about the games and how they are played.


In our humble opinion, SpadeGaming is the pioneer in the gaming industry in today’s era. Be it sitting idle at home or coming home from work after a long and stressful day, SpadeGaming can prove to be fruitful in terms of running bets for a side business. You can benefit a lot from it if put in right betting strategies and a precise amount of money.

If you have access to your cell phone or web browser, you can access SpadeGaming at this very moment. We found it to be very feasible in terms of playing and placing bets. Enriched with the luxury of sitting at home, or doing your daily commute, neither the time of the day matters nor your physical presence at the said location, all you need is your electronic device and an internet connection. Oh, and a sharp mind as well. 


SpadeGaming is changing the widely recognized notion and influence the gamblers from all across the globe with their stunning high-quality casino staples. With a huge number of Asian-based players around the globe, and now with its expansion to Europe, SpadeGaming is spreading like wildfire and it will continue to cut through the noise in the coming years. We will give you a detailed review of SpadeGaming, the games featured, their betting strategies and gameplay, its pros and cons, the design of SpadeGaming, the winning rate, and its interesting bonuses and promotions!

Let’s explore the amazingness of SpadeGaming!

GAMES SELECTIONS – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Heroes – Features and Gameplay

Heroes is an untouched SpadeGaming gem that is full of adventure and features four heroes, each with their unique style and ability, which gives players immensely pleasing game experience. Characters are depicted by the developers as Asian legends. See the full guide on how to win on Heroes by SpadeGaming.

Turn your screen brightness high to really feel the true heat of the game. With high-quality graphics and immersive music, everyone says, “Bring It On!”

How to Play

Firstly, we have to place a bet and spin the wheel. Right after 25 hero counts, the main game will start, and a hero will be randomly selected to help out the player in the game.

During the main game, if the things belonging to a designated hero comes on the screen, rewards are given to the player.

Betting Strategies

In our opinion, the best strategy is to set the bet amount to a minimum at first, and according to the game, bets must be placed. Never ever try auto spin, bots can cost you money. Bots can’t beat human intellect. As this game is one of its kind so increase bet amounts if you are sure you won’t lose your money even after you played too long.

Magical Lamp – Features and Gameplay

Who doesn’t want magic in their life when it’s full of boredom, and you don’t have to do anything else to do? Let us review a wonderful world of the magical lamp where genies are no more a myth, and flying carpets are the real deal. Yes, the Genie you dreamt so much about in childhood is a part of the game too. In the valley of magic, you’ll find symbols that merge together, forming a giant surprise, whilst magical lamps wait to be gently rubbed by the palm of mighty players.

How to Play

The main theme behind the game is as same as the heroes, but this game is unique in the sense that it consists of 5 stripes (reels). A player must play the game by placing bets in a small amount and then spin the wheel. If more than five similar images come on the screen after the spin, the player gets rewards.

Betting Strategies

It is a little tricky with this slot game. Players are advised to bet a minimum of 1% of the total credit. This way, the chances to activate the free game and bonus game are much higher compared to betting lower or higher. Also, do not play in fast spins setting. This way, the chances of bonus games are reduced significantly.

Sweet Bakery – Features and Gameplay

For people with sweet tongue, this deliciously jam-packed game is designed just for you to help Hikari chan start her own business and have it up it running without taking care of the diploma or the mortgage. Hikari-Chan, the baker in the game, tries on her own to pull the job. However, despite her best efforts, the business hasn’t been growing at all, so Hikari-Chan decides to run promotions to attract new customers. Will you support Hikari-Chan in her business?

How to Play

The player has to place a bet, let the wheel take a spin, and run its course. Players can win from either the leftmost reels or the right-side ones.

If a wheel is spun and five wild images appear, the player will be paid twice the reward. There are some limitations in the game, like a minimum of 3 re-spins can be executed in the same spin.

Betting Strategies

It has been noticed that payouts in this game were quite heavier than the previously discussed games. The re-spin mode is God’s mode and pays a fortune if executed in favor of the player.

According to our research, playing at auto spin mode is more efficient than manual spinning. It increases the odds of jackpots more often than normal playing mode.

Whilst you enjoy a cup of tea, your cakes get served by your favorite baker. A win-win situation for you in both cases.

Cai Shen 888 – Features and Gameplay

Who else believes in good luck, fortune, Asian symbols, and karma?

Get ready to spin the wheels as the perfect game Cai Shen 888 waits for you. Set in the environment with the numbers as the main centerpiece, the game’s features include 3D Asian sound effects, best GUI, warm colors, and sparkly alphabets.

How to Play

The rules to play this game are very simple. Place a bet according to your desire and spin the wheel. Autopilot option is also available in this game for your ease.

Betting Strategies

Do not be afraid to place high bets as there are only three reels on one wheel. Each reel contains a WILD, and rewards are multiplied by x2 and x3 in each spin.

While playing this game, players are advised to play in the fast spin setting. Also, bet slightly higher than the others at the range between 2-3% of your total credit. This way, the free games are much often to pop up.

FAFAFA – Features and Game Play

Who else likes animations and single slots? Let us leave you baffled as to the mighty dragon roars in your praise while you receive excellent rewards. A single-slot game has never been quicker. The font, styling, and overall graphics of the game are hard to find these days. The game itself is a piece of master artists.

How to Play

Ever seen how old cinema’s worked? Yes, with pulleys and the constant spinning of the wheel. This is how this single pay line game works.

Just place a bet, spin the wheel and let the three dragons come on the screen in the same pattern and KABOOM! You are rich!

Betting Strategies

As it is a single-lined game, bets must be placed in small amounts rather than being brave and throwing away all the money at once. As they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

The strategy in mastering this game is to bet 0.5-1% of the total credit and let the gameplay automatically itself. If you played it too furiously, do expect a losing streak!


Other than the above-mentioned games, there are plenty of betting games that SpadeGaming has to offer, and the most exciting part is that it is easier to play games and bet than to invest money in the business and then pray that it grows. The games that we tested and found exciting are:

  • Fishing War
  • Money Mouse
  • Dragon Empire
  • Dancing Fever
  • Three Lucky Stars
  • Gold Panther
  • Wow Prosperity
  • Brothers Kingdom
  • Triple Panda
  • Mr Chu Tycoon
  • Pan Fairy
  • Jungle King
  • Zeus
  • Princess Wang
  • Gangster Axe

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