How To Play Baccarat – Beginner Strategies And Tips

Get ready to play an exciting and full of suspense game online. It’s Baccarat, which is both effortless to learn and play. Baccarat casino game is based on Baccara, an Italian game. Also, it is considered one of the best live dealer casino games in every casino in the world.

First played in the 1400s during the control of King Louis XIV, it served as the most prominent games played by French Royalty. The elite and common folks continued to play Baccarat in their homes even when the game was banned. The game remained flourishing for several years until it appeared in casinos. Eventually, it became the first game in European casinos.

Though modern innovations allow the game to be played in your home, the conventional illustration of the Baccarat strategy enables you to compete in the high roller section of a casino. In this handout, you will get to know about Baccarat, its types, and strategies to play online Baccarat Malaysia.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a famous card game involving dealing with two hands, and players bet either one or both hands against the dealer. A winning hand is the one that has a higher total score. Many believe that the game is a game of chance, and it requires no skills to learn. Each round of play has three possible outcomes, namely a player who has the highest score, Banker, and a tie. The cards are jumbled up, and they are put into the shoe. The casino game is all based on pre-determined Baccarat rules where the players have to deal with two hands.

Players have to simply choose whether they want to bet on the Player hand or Banker’s hand. The rest is done by the dealer. The main objective is to get the total closer to 9, as it is the maximum value required to win the game. The dealers follow a strict set of rules and determine whether the third card is drawn. The players have high potential to win the real money while playing online Baccarat Malaysia.

Online Baccarat casino has provoked a substantial flow in the popularity of the game. The game was initially started in Europe and acknowledged a new life in Asia and has not become more accessible to American gamblers. Baccarat offers its players with a high potential for profitability and a great chance to win the real money.

Types of Baccarat

There are three popular types of Baccarat, namely Punto Banco, Chemin De Fer, and Baccarat Banque.

Punto Banco

It is the most common variation found in online casinos. It follows the standard Baccarat rules and does not include any skill factor. There are further variants of this type of Baccarat game, such as Midi and Mini Punto, and EZ Baccarat.

Baccarat Chemin De Fer

Several ways show that in Chemin De Fer, players almost do dealing, which differs from American Baccarat. The role of the Banker rotates around the playing table. Moreover, the players have an option of standing, and they can take another card if the sum goes to five.

Baccarat Banque

The players need three decks of cards to play this type of Baccarat. The role of a banker is put to auction to that player who wants to take a higher risk. The position of the Banker is set much more permanent as compared to the Chemin De Fer.

Card Values in Baccarat

Generally, Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards in which every card has a numerical value. The values of cards are:

  • 10s cards have a numerical value 0
  • All the picture cards that are Jack, King, and Queen have a numerical value 0
  • Aces cards have 1 numerical value
  • 2 to 9 cards have a numerical value equivalent to their face value

The maximum number that a hand can have in the online Baccarat casino is 9. If the numerical values of the cards go beyond 9 numerical value, then you can go for either of the following options:

  • Subtract ten from the total of the numerical value
  • Drop the first digit of the sum

For instance, let the total value of the cards that you get from 7 and 8 cards is 15. Since a hand in Baccarat game cannot surpass a sum of 9, so you have to either drop the 1st digit or minus 10 from the sum. Here, you can either drop seven cards or can subtract ten from 15.

Baccarat Payouts

According to the Baccarat rules, only two hands are dealt with in the game, namely the Bank Hand and the Player Hand. There are three bets to make on the Baccarat game, and that is a bet on the Bank Hand, Player Hand, or Tie.

  • Player hand: A winning bet on the player hand in Baccarat game is rewarded at 1 to 1. For instance, if a player bets $10 on the player hand and it wins, then he/she can collect $10 in winnings.
  • Banker hand: A winning bet on the bank hand in Baccarat game is rewarded at 1 to 1 with a subtraction of 5% commission on the winning bet. It is comparable to a 19 to 20 payoff. It means if any of the players bet $10, then he/ she will win only $9.50.
  • A Tie: A winning bet on the Tie in Baccarat game is rewarded at 18 to 1. It means that if a player wins, he will get eight winning checks, and he gets to keep the one chip bet on the Tie. For instance, if any player bets $10 on the Tie and it wins, then they will get $80 in winnings and hold the original $10 on the Tie.

A Tie means a hand neither wins nor loses. It means that a bet on the Player and Bank Hand is a push. After a Tie, the players can take away or add the checks to either bet, switch wagers, or eradicate chips and not bet.

Third Card Rules

Sometimes hands in Baccarat require a third card. The third card requires proper acknowledgement of Baccarat rules due to which players sometimes get confused and stop playing the game. There is nothing like a bunch of rules; instead, Baccarat involves some standard house rules that conclude when the Player hand needs a third card. The Baccarat third card rules are as follows:

Player Hand Third Card Rules

The standard that decides if the Player hand collects a third card is the sum of the first cards.

  • If the total of the initial two cards is from 0 to 5, then the third card stands.
  • If the sum of cards stands on a total of 6 through 9, even then, the player hand draws a third card.

The third card rules do not vary; whatever is the sum of the initial two cards of Banker’s hand is. Additionally, it makes no difference if the Player hand is beating the Banker’s hand. The rule remains the same as:

  • If the total of the initial two cards is from 0 to 5, then the Player hand draws a third card.
  • If the sum of cards is from 6 to 9, then a third card automatically stands.
  • However, when there is a total of 9, then neither Player nor Banker’s hand draws a third card.

Banker Hand Third Card Rules

The rule of the third card for Banker Hand is quite complex in comparison to that of Player hand. The rules are as follows:

  • If the sum of the initial two cards is 0, 1, or 2, then Banker’s hand draws the third card.
  • If the sum of the initial two cards either Player or Banker’s hand is 8 or 9, then Banker’s hand draws the third card.
  • If the initial two cards sum 7, then Banker’s hand draws the third card.
  • If the initial two cards sum 6 and the Player hand did not draw a third card, then Banker’s hand draws the third card.
  • When the initial two cards of Banker hand sum 3, 4, 5, and 6, and Player hand also draws a third card, then the Banker’s hand draws the third card as:
Total of initial two cards of Banker’s handBanker’s hand draws (if Player hand draws a third card)Banker’s handstands (if Player hand draws a third card)
30, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 98
42, 3, 4, 5, 6, 70, 1, 8, 9
54, 5, 6, 70, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
66, 70, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9

Strategies to Win in Baccarat

While learning how to play Baccarat, you may want to know the best tips that will help to win the game. The foremost thing you need to know is that Baccarat is not a game of expertise; it is all about luck. Still, it is better to go through with the following tips not to make any mistake and increase your chances to win the game:

1. Forget about the “Tie” Bet

Baccarat has three bets, namely Player bet, Banker bet, and Tie bet. Two of these bets have very low house edges. The Player has 1.24% of the house edge, Banker also has 1.06% house edge, and Tie bet has 14.4% of the house edge. So, your prospect on every 100 units bet on Banker is to drop 1.06 units. On every 100 units bet on Player, you can expect a loss of 1.24 units. However, you can lose 14.4 units on every Tie bet. Hence, making a tie bet is just a waste of money.

2. Make a smart bet – Banker Bet

Are you going to make your first bet in the online Baccarat casino? You must be wondering, which bet is better among Player and Banker. If you want to make a safer bet, then go for Banker bet. Comprising the lesser house edge (1.06%), Baccarat payouts make Banker bet worth it in the long-run game. Over time, the Banker bet will let you win 50.68 per cent compared to 49.32% on the Player bet.

3. Stay on Banker Bet until it Losses

If you are starting to get profit from streaks, then Banker bet has a better possibility for a streak. From your first bet, if you find that Banker bet is advantageous, then continue betting it. However, don’t be too insistent on your betting amounts. On every bet that you make, you will face a house edge. There is no option to bet your way out of such an edge. So, keep your wager on Banker bet until you find some loss.

4. Be Aware of each Baccarat Table

If you prefer to play online Baccarat Malaysia, then it is better not to assume that all Baccarat tables collect a 5% commission on Banker bets. Several casinos have Baccarat tables assembling 10% to 25% commission on every Banker bet win. It is crucial to be aware of the casino rules and pay attention to the Baccarat table payouts.

5. Mini-Baccarat can be Unsafe

The traditional Baccarat version room is a free game that allows players to deal with the cards. However, there is a take-off in the online Baccarat casino, and that is the Mini Baccarat version. The foremost difference between the traditional Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat is that the dealer deals with the game instead of players. Secondly, the dealers will get between 150-200 decisions that show the game is fast.

So, the minimum table bets are lower compared to the traditional game. However, 200 decisions along with 1.06 and 1.24 house edges can be upsetting if anything goes against you. Hence, if you are going to play the Mini-Baccarat game, it is better to operate only on the Banker betting system. It will help in reducing the number of decisions that you face.

6. Play Baccarat Online

Whether you prefer to play Baccarat in your home or you find casino atmosphere pleasurable, Baccarat is a thrilling game. The digital versions of the game allow you to learn and know how to play Baccarat efficiently. If you have always wanted to know how to play Baccarat, then the online version is for you. Various online casinos offer direct Baccarat play editions that allow players to develop their skills and build up confidence in their game.

7. Money Management is Crucial

Playing Baccarat is just like flipping a coin. So, money management is vital if you are playing an online casino. For instance, if you are betting ten units per decision, you can give 200 units as your session bankroll. If you lose, take a break and give yourself some time before you start playing a game.

8. Try to Keep it Concise

The trick to winning the Baccarat game regularly is to catch an upswing and traverse it for as long as possible. It is crucial to stop getting greedy and immerse down early before things got worse. So, it is best to keep your sessions short, especially if you are switching between Player and Banker bets. Even switching tables can be helpful to keep your game concise.

Baccarat FAQs

A. What is the best bet that one can make in Baccarat?

It is recommendable to always bet on Banker while playing Baccarat. Additionally, you should never make the Tie bet. It is because Banker’s hand has the lowest house edge, and even if you lose, you will not miss a chance to win the game. However, a Tie bet has the highest house wedge, so betting on Tie is just about wasting your money. You must keep betting on Banker’s hand until it losses.

B. What is the objective of Baccarat play?

Baccarat involves two hands, namely the Banker Hand and Player Hand, instead of numerous players. Before dealing with cards, you have to place a bet with checks. The players have a choice to bet on the Banker’s hand, Player Hand, or a Tie. The focus of the players is to get a total of 9. It is preferable to bet on the Banker’s hand for not losing a huge amount.

C. Is the Baccarat game all about luck?

The game is not about skills or acquiring high knowledge; instead, it is 100% based on luck. The game offers no opportunity to use creative skills or logical thinking, but a player wins or losses by chance. Still, it is better to go through with the set of Baccarat rules so that you can try your best to win the game.

D. What are the advantages of playing Baccarat?

Playing Baccarat is all about the fun that offers the players with several benefits as:

Rules to play Baccarat are trouble-free to learn. The game provides one of the best odds in an online casino, even for an inexperienced player. The game is available in online casinos, and no matter whatever is your betting level, you can frequently find high and low stakes. Moreover, if you get a friendly table, you will get in some socializing as well.