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eBET Online Casino Review: What You Should Know About the Game Developer

Since the establishment of eBET in 2012, the famous Asia-based gambling house has developed into a global brand. The platform is reputable for providing a plethora of live casino games to other online casinos and gamers through eBET casino. Undoubtedly, eBET Malaysia is one of the most engaged online casinos in Asia due to its reliability and excellent reputation. From the site, gaming products to live dealers, eBET focuses on giving the best gaming experience to customers. To learn more about the reputable iGaming supplier, endeavour to read this review to the end. Enjoy reading!

eBET Review: Background and Reputation

Right from the onset, eBET focuses on supplying excellent gaming solutions to various gambling operators and gamers. The brand is a highly creative enterprise that gives room for development and innovations. Among the outstanding performances of eBET is the introduction of the mobile casino app into the Asian gambling market. For this reason, the famous iGaming supplier earned the award of the Best Mobile Application Provider. After the giant stride, eBET became a global brand as it bursts into the international market. Currently, several gamers and gambling houses around the world enjoy the services and products of eBET.

Aside from the impressive beginning, the eBET’s reputation has only continued to soar. Like any other top online casino and game software provider, eBET possesses every necessary certifications and license. Additionally, the brand’s reputation is aided by allowing game testing and auditing through Gaming Laboratory International (GLI). GLI is a high-ranking and independent game testing lab with more than 400 licensing jurisdictions globally. Besides, the First Cagayan supports and regulates the brand with a license to show for it. That aside, eBET’s passion and ambition to develop and supply high-quality games, which meets both local and international standards, has made the brand a highly sought-after platform.

eBET Review: Website – ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

If you seek an online casino that supports betting from your home and while on the move, you should check out eBET casino. The platform functions with an impressive, versatile, and user-friendly interface. Whether you plan to bet from your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone, you’ll enjoy the HD-level video feed from the high-quality camera. The website even allows gamers to stream games on their TV to experience an inclusive gaming session.

Speaking of the streaming quality, all games are clearly streamed with a high-end camera. The latency rates have been recorded to be quite low, which makes streaming the games really fast, lag-free, and in real-time. Also, players can choose to activate or deactivate the HD mode, depending on your choice. This feature comes handy for people with a slower internet connection. With the functionality, you can customize the game based on your preference.

However, without any doubt, the design is already meticulously done to provide the best customer experience. As a highly innovative brand, the platform takes touchscreen devices into account. Hence, you can easily change your preference with a button.

Gaming Dashboard

Regarding the game lobby design, you’ll find the area to be quite slow due to a wide variety of games. However, you can check the left-side to view all the available game categories. At this part, you can see the available table games, including the dealer’s details. In the middle of the screen, players will see the betting area and the dealers. As for the right side, you’ll notice betting limits and table information.

When it comes to choosing your preferred chip size, it can be slightly challenging. While you simply have to click a chip to bet on other websites, you need to click open a pop-up window, then choose the chip value that you would like to bet. Depending on the preferences of an operator, the table’s betting limit often differs. However, the general table limit ranges from 10 to 500,000 credits. 

Betting on eBET casino doesn’t require any game download. All you need is to sign in to your casino details and choose your preferred eBET tables. Afterwards, you need to deposit into your casino to play with real funds. After betting, the experienced dealers will greet you and get you ready to play. While being mobile, you are best advised to use the eBET app for your betting session. It is convenient and easy to use.

On the top left side of the eBET website, players can choose their preferred language. Considering that eBET focuses on the Asia gambling market, understandably, the site is available in Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and English. Fortunately, the default language seems to be in English. Thus, players who don’t understand the Asian languages can easily use the website.

eBET Review: Game Variety – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

As expected, eBET offers notable live dealer games, including Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, among others. Read further to learn about the available dealer games in detail.

Live Baccarat

On eBET, you’ll come across different varieties of Baccarat tables to choose from. However, the same standard rules of Baccarat apply to all the tables. The games come with varying betting limits. But the limit can change if you are playing on another operator’s platform. On eBET casino, you can see the full roadmap and previous game records in statistics. The left-side of the site features the chip values, while the game history is at the bottom. As a player, you can play different bets, including Pairs side bet, normal player bet, banker bet, and tie bet.

Live Roulette

While several roulette variants exist, live Roulette table on eBET follows the European rules. Thus, the wheel features one zero. During the betting session, two cameras are usually active: One will display the dealer while the other will show the wheel. After starting the game, the camera angle can change to allow players to view the spinning ball.

Similar to table game discussed earlier, live Roulette shows game history to new players at the base of the screen. Also, you can choose among different betting options, including French, Call, and Neighbour bets. When you click on the “Switch Play” button, you can enable the Racetrack view. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the button on the left side.

Live Sic Bo

Another exciting game option on the eBET Malaysia site is the popular Sic Bo. The Chinese dice game is available in many Asia-based online casinos. eBET offers close to fifty betting options in its live Sic Bo game. Within a minute, you would have concluded a round of Sic Bo. Thus, you have enough time to choose and place your bet. During live Sic Bo game, you can easily see every move as multiple camera angles are available – you’ll even see how the dice are rolled up. Players can see the outcomes of the previous game rounds and trends. This statistic is right below the betting grid.

Live Dragon Tiger

Although this game is based on Baccarat, it’s exciting and rewarding in its own right. More so, it’s simple to play. At the beginning of the game, the Dragon card and the Tiger card will be passed to two different players. The player who holds the card with the highest hand wins. However, players can also bet on “Tie.” Live Dragon Tiger doesn’t have any side bet options. But an unlimited number of players can enter the game. Like other games from eBET Malaysia, players can view detailed statistics at the base of the screen. Undoubtedly, live Dragon Tiger is one of the favourite games among experienced players. The live dealer game is fast, which makes it an excellent choice for players with limited time.

Live Bull Bull

Not many online game providers offer live Bull Bull. Thus, it is quite rare. Luckily, eBET offers the game to players and gambling operators. Asian Gaming is the first brand to introduce Bull Bull online. It is a favourite game for many experienced players. Also known as Niu Niu, it is a classic card game among the Asians. 

At eBET casino, players enjoy standard betting options while playing Bull Bull. Also, you can view the details of the games played. In addition, the live dealer casino provides an informational file about the gameplay and how to play it in detail.

eBET Review: Available Live Dealers – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

All dealers on the popular live dealer casino are young, pretty Asian females. The dealers are experienced, cultured, and friendly. They understand the importance of warm reception, most especially for the new players. eBET live dealers are professional at game handling and dealing. In short, the liver dealers are some of the most experienced dealers in Asia.

eBET Review: Mobile App – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

eBET’s mobile app offers convenience to players. With the app, you can easily play any of the five live games from eBET on the move. Throughout Asia, eBET is the first iGaming provider to offer live mobile casino app to its patrons. Before long, the app won the “Best Mobile Application Provider” award in Asia by G2E. All live streams are lag-free and easy to monitor through the app. More so, the app is compatible with multiple devices as it is mobile-optimized. Regardless of your device OS or screen size, you’ll find a compatible model that will fit the screen space.

eBET Review: Customer Support – ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Whether you have issues with registration, gameplay, or the app, you can easily contact the eBET representative. They are available to attend to your complaints and inquiries. You can contact them through different channels, including email, skype, or phone calls. Also, players can check out their page on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, among others. 


Aside from being one of the most reputable iGaming brands in Asia, eBET is a betting platform that focuses on customer satisfaction. Hence, it is understandable why the platform is given high regard. The games are well-structured with an impressive interface. Even when players run on weaker internet connections, the games remain stable and lag-free. More so, the platform offers some of the most played games by bettors. 

Considering that eBET recently added a live Roulette game, it shows that the platform is ready to expand and grow. Thus, it’s expected that more innovations will come up on eBET Malaysia with time. Also, as the brand’s presence continues to grow in Europe, they are more likely to provide more exciting offers to gamers. Furthermore, unlike before when the website only appears in Chinese, eBET is now available in multiple languages. You can access the site in English, Thai and Vietnamese. Therefore, navigating around the site is easier than ever.

All live dealer games from eBET are available in many online casinos. However, all the casinos are top brands. Players can be confident of getting the best satisfaction from the games on other platforms. But eBET Malaysia remains an accessible gambling site to enjoy multiple live dealer games. While enjoying the games, endeavour to use the available bonuses to your own advantage. Good luck!

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