Online casino Malaysia has become one of the biggest online casino markets in Asia, offering disparate and entertaining content coupled with providing credible service and gaining customer’s trust in Malaysia.

Recently, there is a lot of online casinos in Malaysia due to the increasing number of people getting familiar with online casino gaming platform in the country and other countries of proximity such as Singapore, Thailand, etc.


Online casino Malaysia has given gamers a niche to participate in online gaming and to wager on favorite sports or games. Due to the many selections of various game options provided by online casino Malaysia both new and old users in the online gaming industry are faced with a lot of game choices.

When it comes to the online casino market in Asia or the world at large, it is usually quite challenging to search for the best online casino offers that would meet all the requirements you find essential in the online gaming platform.

 Meanwhile, every gamer has a subjective prospect from gambling such as the availability of certain favorite sports or games, huge reward, bonus and winnings, there are also objective requirements to look out and this is what defines an online casino’s rating as well as demonstrating if the online gambling here is fair, credible and safe.

To rate the online casino Malaysia, we based on both the subjective and objective criteria such as bonus and reward values, game content and varieties, and payouts. Here we are going to discuss top reasons to play online casino Malaysia to other online casino markets.

The online casino Malaysia offers unique, variety of game content, fascinating 3D graphic games developed by different notable and great software developers who have been around for a long time in the online casino industry.


Game is one of the main interests when it comes to online gambling. The online casino Malaysia has more than 600+ different gaming options that fit any gamers’ choice. It is imperative to ascertain if the available gaming options and category fits your interest in a particular casino.

When we talk about casino games, we can’t help mentioning the software developers. The best and popular games are developed by top famous software companies like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft, just to mention a few.

Online casino Malaysia has all the traditional games selection such as roulette, baccarat, poker, slot, blackjack, table games, arcade, etc. On some online casino Malaysia websites, you can participate in video poker and even in some unusual categories of games such as virtual bets, keno, bingo, craps, sports bets, and scratch cards.

The online casino Malaysia also provides a platform that allows gamers to gamble in the presence of a live dealer, and this makes the internet gambling experience truly marvelous. This live dealer experience brings excitement to gamers as if they are playing in a land-based casino in Las Vegas meanwhile they are in Malaysia, maybe sitting in their living room and enjoying the fun.

In the online casino Malaysia platform, some games are particularly modeled for specific bonuses and this is the reason why playing the games will be beneficial and some of these games offers jackpot if you play with real money.

Also, there are certain games that allow you to participate in competitions and tournaments for great rewards. Here we are going to talk specifically about each category of games.

Slot Games

The online slot games are very similar to the traditional slot machine that is available at land-based casinos. The online slot only differs from the slot machine because it must have five reels and the winning streak doesn’t really have to be on the middle row, it can be diagonal, zigzag, or on the bottom or on top of the row. The winning streak position varies from slot to slot. These are a few online slot games listed below.

Halloween Party Slot Game

Halloween slots are well known as the Christmas slots game; however, Christmas slots are very popular than the Halloween slots and you can find them in the selections of so many online casino Malaysia game platforms. The Halloween slot is themed into two types. one of the themes takes a spooky feature while the other is exciting and amazing.

Dragon Maiden Slot Game

This is a video slot game with five reels and having a pay line up to 234. The game offers the gamer the exposure to witness a new world different from this present time and also the game offers the player to choose between two paths, one to be valiant while the other to be evil. Being a valiant you have to go through the path, to show to the world that you have the strength to subdue the fiercest dragon.

Wolf Hunter Slot Game

This slot game has 20 pay lines and its attractive and beautiful style thrills many gothic fans. This video slot styled game gives players the opportunity to war against evil werewolves who disguise to be human beings in order to prey on the harmless humans at night. This game has nice, attractive, and creepy content. Players of Wolf Hunter should have a prospect of high profitability margin because the slots range from medium to high. The game holds a maximum winning amount of 15000 coins.

Live Casino Games

Online casino Malaysia platforms offer live casinos where gamers can wager on their favorite game in real-time with the assistance of real croupiers and players. In your conveniences such as your home or office, you can get exciting experience of playing in a live casino where a real person is dealing with cards, taking players bets, and players from all over the world are making bets.

There is also a room where you can chat with these dealers as well as the players. In addition, the live casino is streamed live from various gaming studio location, offers a high clear video to those seeking live dealer action.

There various live casino games you can get from the online casino Malaysia platform are Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Super 6, Live Roulette, and much more.

Sport Betting

You can get over 50 sports markets that spread virtually to every gamer’s area of interest both in other regions of the world and in Malaysia as well. This is what an international bookmarker would offer to the user and this is found in the online casino Malaysia market.

The popular sport games that these market offers are cricket, ice hockey, badminton, American football, horse racing, and soccer. Popular leagues like UEFA, EPL, Serie A, and La Liga bet are also important as the casino bet.

Fishing Games

Bubbles Fishing Game

One of the many nice features that this game has, is the multiplier bubble that randomly appears. Gamers would see a fish trapped in a bubble and when the gamer shoots the bubble, it bursts and give a random multiplier. The other cool feature the offers is the bomb which can appear on the screen and when it blows, it can kill all the fish to give a huge number of payouts. Another feature is the fishing season which gives a random reward, and this increases the fishes that appear on the screen as well as increasing players’ payout in a short time.

Da Sheng Nao Hai Fishing Game

This is another fun fishing game, where players participate as an evil god responsible for creating havoc and increasing chaos. Particularly the gamer is the deity that moves violently in the ocean.

Fishing War

Fishing War is an arcader presented by Spadegaming. Go under the water to do fishing among the scariest monsters of the deep. Do it with Monkey King and Kraken. More you catch – more money you get after the fishing.


The online casino Malaysia is also available to the mobile device. In this era, it is not possible to go a day without a mobile device such as a smartphone, smartwatches, gadget and tablets. Lately, there is an increasing number of people who prefer mobile devices over laptops and PC because of their portability.

This is why mobile gambling has grown to be well known in the world and the predilection of Malaysian gamers is not different. There is no way that you can’t gamble in online casino Malaysia regardless of the operating system that your mobile device uses because most of the casino is available on all mobile devices whether it is an online casino for iOS, Android and Windows phone. Players are able to download the BK8 online casino app on its website.

That is why can enjoy amazing and fascinating internet gambling anywhere in Malaysia or in other parts of the world. When comparing the laptop or PC to the mobile version of online casino Malaysia there is no difference. Moreover, there are some special offers from some casinos for gamers using a mobile device that aren’t available to gamers using a PC.


Gamers who play online casino enjoy the added value that the gaming platform offers to appreciate to them. Here are some promotional and bonus offers from BK8 online gaming platforms.

Max-Value Deposit Combo Deal

The ‘Max-Value Deposit Combo Deal’ is offered to all active members of the online casino Malaysia. Registered players (members) who have an accumulative deposit and valid bet are rewarded in two ways. If the accumulative deposit and valid bet is 2,000,000, the player gets the first reward of iMac and the second reward is a cash bonus of 3,000.

While the member who has an accumulative deposit and valid bet of 1,500,000, gets a reward of a MacBook Air and the next is a cash bonus of 2,000. Again, if a member has an accumulative deposit and valid bet of 1,000,000, he gets an iPhone 11 and then a cash bonus of 1000. Members who have an accumulative deposit and valid bet ranging from 150,000-500,000 get only one reward of either an iPhoneXS, iPad Air, or a Mi Band 4 (×2).


Another bonus called the ‘Mi-Refer-Mi Campaign’, that is basically about members referring their friend to join up in the online casino Malaysia platforms. In this bonus, a member who refer 1000 friends and 400 friends make a deposit to participate in gambling, the member gets a Mi Note 10 and a cash reward of 500. While if a member refers 500 hundred friends and 200 friends make a deposit, he gets a Mi 9SE and a cash reward of 300.

Again, a member who refers to 200 friends and 80 friends makes a deposit, he gets a Mi Redmi 6 and a cash reward of 200. Members who refer 100 friends and 40 friends make a deposit, he gets a Mi True Earbud and a cash reward of 100. Also, a member who refers 50 friends and 20 make deposits get a reward of Mi Band 4 and a cash reward of 50.

To grab this refer a friend bonus offer, you need to get your link when you log into your BK8 account, you’ll find your referral link on your profile. Then you can invite your friends to register through your referral link and get rewarded thus whenever someone you invited creates an account and complete 500 deposit requirement within 60 days, you and your friends each will receive a 25 MYR cash reward.


There is another bonus called the ‘Sports Weekly Turnover Bonus’ provided by C- sport, i- sports and Betradar. Here, a member is required to fulfill a 1x turnover in order to transfer and withdraw. Members who have a valid bet amount of 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 400,000, 800,000 and 1,000,000 will get a maximum bonus of 100, 200, 300, 500, 888 and 1288 MYR respectively plus a 1x turnover.

The ‘Slot Weekly Turnover Bonus’ that is provided by SpadeGaming, Ultimate, TopTrend Gaming, Play ‘n Go, and Pragmatic Play. They offer member with a valid bet amount of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 300,000, 500,000 and 1,200,000, get a bonus of 100, 200, 300, 500, 788, and 1288 MYR respectively plus turnover of 1x.


The ‘BK8 Instant Birthday Cash Bonus’ is offered by all providers. A member who has a last 3 months deposit count of 8, gets a maximum bonus of 38 MYR plus a turnover of 1x and win over of 2x while a member whose last 3 months deposit count is 18, gets a max bonus of 88 MYR plus turnover of 1x and win over of 2x.

Again, a member who has a last 3-month deposit count of 28, gets a max bonus of 188 MYR plus a turnover of 1x and win over of 2x. The win over only applies to 918Kiss and Mega888. There are several promotions and bonuses that online casino Malaysia offers that are too many to mention and these offers are the reasons why gamers are happy with these platforms.


The online casino Malaysia market has proven to be credible even when the market consists of various online gaming platforms. It has brought comfortability, various game content and categories, lots of bonuses, and convenience.

All you need is your mobile phone and internet connection to experience the excitement and get huge winnings.

However, when shifting from a land-based casino to an online casino, you may have the urge to wager higher amounts since the cash cannot be seen on certain game selection like the virtual betting tables and this can be bad since you could end up losing money more than you would in actual casinos.

Although, some gamers are making good cash and are getting lots of rewards while enjoying their favorite games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots.


Without any doubt, online casino Malaysia offers an exciting and impressive range of online betting platforms that will make certain gamers, if not all to bask in excitement. The game categories literally cover every area of gamers’ interest.

With invaluable and superior service that is backed by many notable, successful, and popular gaming companies that understand the concept and power of entertainment coupled with the ways and how to deliver online casino service.

The online casino Malaysia market has various mind-blowing bonuses and promotions that are rarely seen or aren’t seen in other online casino markets of other regions. When these promotions and bonuses, services, game categories, and much more are considered, this online casino Malaysia should have a strong rating of 9.9/10.


  1. What kinds of games are available?

Ans: Normally in online casinos, you are going to find all of the traditional games that are offered in a land-based casino coupled with some exciting variation that is exclusive to casino sites. These games offer players better odds and more exciting gaming experience, like multi-tabling in poker or playing multi-ball roulette. In addition, you will find hundreds of online slot game titles and the option to take part in life-changing progressive jackpots and live dealer games

  1. How do I make money at the casino?

Ans: You have to perfect your skills or strategy, and this will improve your chances of making money, pick a more profitable casino game with a low house edge. The most profitable casino games are those that offer players the best odds.

  1. Why should I play online?

Ans: Playing in an online casino versus a land-based one offers so many benefits, it’s more convenient to play online because you can literally do it anywhere and anytime and it offers many bonuses and promotions that are exclusive to online gamblers.

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