Dragon Tiger is becoming one of the most popular games among online casino players. This game is loved because of its simplicity and the straight forward rules that make it easy for one to get started playing. Dragon Tiger started from Southern Asia and was later introduced to Europe by the Cambodian migrants.

Before the internet, Dragon Tiger was played from the real physical casinos and was moderated by the casino dealer. With the internet today, you can play Dragon Tiger online live using your smartphone or computer. If you are one of those that are interested in knowing how Dragon Tiger is played, this article is for you.

We shall take you through how to get started with this game plus the Dragon Tiger strategies and tips that you can use to win while playing Dragon Tiger. Let’s get started right away.

How To Get Started Playing Dragon Tiger

If you have ever played the original baccarat, playing Dragon Tiger will be quite easy for you since the variation in the two games is very small. Even for those that haven’t played baccarat before, it will be easy for you to get started as well because grasping the rules of this game takes just a couple of minutes. Now let’s dive into the basics of how to get started playing Dragon Tiger.

Steps For Getting Started

  1. Signup on your Favorite Online Casino

The online variant of Dragon Tiger is available on most of the famous casinos in Malaysia and the rest of the world. So, choose any casino that you are comfortable with and then sign up or sign in if you already have an account. Here we suggest you explore one of the best online casino, Sexy Baccarat (AE SEXY). After signing in, you will be taken live to the online casino’s dashboard.

  1. Look for Live Dragon Tiger

When you get to the dashboard of your online casino, you should then search for live Dragon Tiger since its the game you want to play.

  1. Deposit and Choose your Stake

After locating the game, you can then deposit to your account using any payment method that is allowed by your online casino. The deposited money will go to your account balance and it is what will be used to place bets on that casino. When the balance has reflected on your account, you can now choose the amount you are going to bet by clicking on the chip icon.

The value of each chip depends on the online casino you are playing at. So, choose the number of chips based on how much you want to bet. The game also gives the option of removing and adding more chips as long as you haven’t placed the bet yet.

  1. Choose your Betting Option

In live Dragon Tiger, there are three betting options that you can choose from. These include; the dragon, tiger, or a tie. You can choose any of these options based on what you think will likely get the card with the highest value (we are going to look at the winning criteria in a bit).

  1. Start the Game

Once you are sure of the amount you want to bet and your choice of bet, the next thing is starting the game. To start the game, you will simply have to click the deal button. After clicking the deal button, you cannot reduce or add any chip on your stake or even change your choice of bet. So, make sure you, everything is just the way you want it before clicking the deal button.

  1. Dealing the Cards

After the game has started, the first card that will be shown is normally a yellow card that indicates the last game. The next card that is displayed shows the number of cards that have banned for the next round. If the number indicated on this card is a 4, it means 4 cards will not appear in the next round. After these two cards are displayed, the next thing is dealing the one card to the tiger and another to the dragon.

  1. Announcing the Winner

Between the dragon and the tiger, the hand that gets a card with the highest value is rendered the winner. And if both hands get cards with the same value, that round of the game will be rendered a tie. How much you win after a given round depends on your stake and the betting option you chose. For instance, if you placed a bet of 10 chips on the tiger hand and it got the card with a higher value than the tiger’s, you will 10 chips plus your stake. So, you will walk away with 20 chips. The winning odds for betting on the dragon or the tiger are the same.

Betting on a tie will win you 8 times your bet. This means, if you placed a bet of 10 chips on a tie, you will win 80 chips plus your stake which makes it 90.

Here Are All The Betting Options And Rules For Live Dragon Tiger Online

  • Betting on the dragon or the tiger has an odd of 1:1. Meaning you will get an amount equivalent to your bet plus your stake when you win. In the event of a tie, you will be given back 50% of your stake.
  • Betting on a tie has an odd of 8:1. This means if you place your bet on a tie and both hands turn out to have the same value of cards, you will be paid 8 times your bet plus your stake.
  • The odd bet has an odd of 1:1. With this, you will place a bet on either the dragon hand or the tiger hand to get a card with a value equal to an odd number. If turns out to be true, you will be given an amount equivalent to your bet plus your stake.
  • Even bet also has an odd of 1:1. With the even bet, you will place a bet on either the dragon or the tiger hand to get a card with a value equal to an even number. If it turns out to be true, you will be paid an amount equivalent to your bet plus your stake.
  • Spade suit bet has an odd of 3:1. With this bet, your choice will be betting that the tiger hand or the dragon hand will get a spade suit. If this turns out to be true, you will be paid an amount that is 3 times your bet plus your stake. The odds for betting on the diamond suit, heat suit, and club suit are all equal to that of the spade suit as well.

Please note that the betting option that has the highest odds is one that is most unlikely to happen. So, choosing that kind of betting option is too risky and, most times, you will lose the money. However, on a lucky day, if you win, you will really win big.

Dragon Tiger Tips

Here are some of the playing tips and strategies to win Dragon Tiger while playing at an online casino. 

1. Choosing the dragon or tiger is the best option. These two options have similar and the smallest odds. However, they have the lowest house edge which means your chances of winning are high on these options.

2. Don’t bet on a tie or suited options. Unless you want to try out your luck, betting on a tie is an option we don’t recommend because ties rarely happen. Ties also give the house the highest edge. Betting on the 4 suit options is risky though not as much as a tie. It’s an occurrence that rarely happens as well.

3. Use the card counting strategy. As more rounds of games get played, you can estimate the number of cards that have a value of 8 and above that have been dealt. From this, you can then decide to place a bet on a big or small accordingly. These two betting options also have odds of 1:1. This strategy can be used on the suited bet options as well.


Just like we have seen above, playing Live Dragon Tiger is very simple and it requires no skills to win the game. The game largely relies on luck for the first few rounds. But as the more and more rounds are played, you need to start being more strategic by making your choices based on the cards that have been given out so far.

You also need to note that the betting options with a lower house edge will always give you more wins. Choosing options with high house edges like betting on a tie will always make you lose most of the time. Make sure you avoid choosing such options.

Lastly, by using the above strategy to win Dragon Tiger games, we hope that you’ll win lots of cash!